Divers Down

This image was captured inside one of the largest shopping malls in the world…the Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates. I am not an avid shopper…in fact, I had no interest in visiting any of its 1,200 shops, but I did want to wander through the numerous atriums and art displays that make this a fascinating indoor space.

This is from the human waterfall found inside “The Grove”. It is an immense, curved waterfall, cascading down four stories (the entire height of the building). Human sculptures (representing pearl divers) with their hands spreading sideward are positioned across the falls. Although the sculptures are stationary, the cascading water behind them gives them a sense of motion that is captivating…and is what I was hoping to capture in this image. 

To give you some perspective, each of the statues are about 5 feet tall from head to toe…so this shot spans more than 25 feet in each direction. I found the symmetry I wanted by going up to the second floor. At this height, was even with some of the statues and there was minimal distortion from looking up or down. I experimented with a few different shutter speeds, settling on this one where there is some movement in the water while still providing some great texture in the image.