Garching Ghost

Last week I ventured back into the Munich U-Bahn to capture some images. I always enjoy photographing these stations and since it snowed almost every day here last week, it was a good time to explore the underground again.

I had photographed this station, Garching, once before. However, I didn’t love any of the images I captured and wanted to try some different compositions. 

This station is at the end of the U6 line far north of the city, so there are never many people here and it is empty most of the time. It is also predominantly white, so while it is futuristic and cool, it is also a bit sterile. Fortunately, it has some colored tiles scattered about (mostly red and yellow) and in this particular corner, you have these bright green tiles that provide some nice shapes & contrast.

I liked the empty station, but wanted a subject to make a more interesting image. So, I set up at the far end of the station and waited for the next train to arrive. I started a long exposure just as the train was entering the station. The end result was this “ghost” train…just the subject I wanted. :)