While wandering around Barcelona, I walked past this concrete structure and it caught my eye. It is basically a wall-like structure made of concrete planks that are laid out in a zig-zag pattern. I am not sure what purpose it serves…perhaps it is only there for decoration. Regardless, I found it unique and spent some time walking around it and viewing it from various angles.

It was shortly after sunset and the street lights and city lights were just turning on. As the sky became darker and the city lights became brighter, the dull gray concrete started reflecting the color of the nearby lights. I thought “now this is getting more interesting” and captured a few different compositions.

This view is my favorite…looking in-between the horizontal planks with the lines zig-zagging smaller and smaller in the distance. It seems to me that M.C. Escher may create something like this! 

It is a little gritty and dirty, but I actually like that…otherwise it may pass as a computer generated graphic design. :)