The Speicherstadt (translated as City of Warehouses) is not your ordinary warehouse district. It is actually the largest contiguous warehouse complex in the world and an amazing site to explore. Built in 1883 near the main port of Hamburg, the area consists of 17 Gothic style warehouses featuring numerous gables and turrets that are all connected by canals, as well as by land. Truly an interesting place! In July 2015, the area was awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site

While it is wonderful to explore during the day, it takes on almost a fairytale atmosphere at night. The red brick façades, multiple bridges and circular turrets are illuminated by spotlights and create shimmering reflections in the canals. 

It had just started raining when I arrived at this bridge over the Wandrahmsfleet canal. As you can imagine, it is a popular spot for photographers, but I was the only one there on this night. The scene and the colors were just fantastic. The golden lights were lit on most of the turrets and reflections were everywhere in the water. The light even reflected off of the low clouds overhead, casting a purple hue and making it a little more of a dreamy scene…well worth getting a little wet while taking this image.