It is often gray in the Winter in Munich…in fact, it can be gray for days on end. My first Winter here, I was finding little motivation to go out and photograph anything. The dull skies and muted colors were uninspiring. Then one day while running an errand, I came across this U-Bahn station. What an unexpected surprise! I had no idea that Munich even had modern stations...until that morning, I was only familiar with the older, plain and relatively uninteresting stations near the city center that were built in the early 1970’s. 

This wasn’t my stop, but I got off anyway…it just looked cool & so different from the older stations I was used to seeing. I thought the colors, lines and curves were fantastic! I immediately knew I wanted to come back and capture some images here. Motivation had arrived!

I came back the next day, camera in hand and took several photos. The following day I came back again! Composing a scene here was more difficult than I anticipated and another try was needed. The repetitive wing-like lighting on the ceiling is what I wanted to emphasize. So I got low, waited for the platform to clear in-between trains and finally got the image I wanted.

Since then I have found and photographed several other modern stations around the city. If you missed them, please check out my earlier posts of Candidplatz & Westfriedhof stations. Almost certainly, I will post images from other stations in the future.

It is good to know that there is always color in Munich, even if it is only visible underground.