The Sun Catcher

This is once again Sólfar, the steel sculpture on Reykjavik’s waterfront that resembles a Viking ship.

Some of you may remember that I shared a different image of this back in November, 2015. You can see that image & a little more background on the sculpture in this post.

The day before I captured this, I visited the sculpture and scouted how I wanted to compose the image at sunrise. My original plan was to shoot from the opposite angle looking East towards the sun. However, once the sun broke the horizon and I saw how brilliantly the sculpture reflected the sunlight, I immediately changed to this position. The glowing steel looked as though it was on fire and provided a striking contrast to the cooler Western sky.

I hope the artist, Jón Gunnar Árnason, does not mind the liberty I took with the sculpture’s name. Sólfar is translated as “Sun Voyager”, but I found The Sun Catcher to be more least during a beautiful, clear sunrise.