Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit Prague will instantly recognize this landmark…the Karlův most (more commonly known among English speakers as the Charles Bridge).

It is an impressive structure spanning the Vltava River and was completed in the early 15th century. Towers sit on both sides of the bridge and Baroque statues of religious figures have been placed along the entire length. Currently, it is a pedestrian only zone and is often filled with local artists, musicians and souvenir vendors catering to the tourists. 

Only a fraction of the people that visit the bridge during the day are there at night, so it is a much more peaceful place to wander about. Every night I made my way along the river and admired the beautifully lit structures on the opposite side…and each night I stopped and photographed the Charles Bridge from various vantage points. 

I never got tired of spending time here. On my last night in Prague, I took some take-out with me and sat here for hours on the river’s edge…just taking it all in as the sun disappeared and the lights lit up the city.