I have always had an affinity for interesting architecture. When I visited Barcelona in 2015, seeing the numerous buildings designed by Antonio Gaudí was high on my list. His work is prevalent all around the city in both residential and community structures. He is probably most famous for the incredible Sagrada Família (to be featured in a later post). 

I captured this image in Casa Batlló, considered to be one of Gaudí's residential masterpieces. The floor plan features hardly any straight lines or flat surfaces…it flows and weaves, creating a sense of fluidity everywhere. 

You may have been asking yourself “What is this?” when you first saw the image. If you knew right away, good for you! If not, here is your answer…it is actually a light on a ceiling with wavelike swirls spiraling out from the light’s base. Easily a one of a kind ceiling light!

I am sure I got some odd looks as I positioned myself for this shot…standing directly under the light, bending over backwards and trying to place the light & swirls in a pleasing composition without falling over. It was fairly crowded in the room, but oh well, I got the shot I wanted. :)

I took a lot of images while as I walked through the house, so I thought I would include a second image below of the the main staircase. What a crazy, cool place…Alice in Wonderland anyone?