Misty Morning in Val d'Orcia

One of my favorite places in Italy is the Val d'Orcia. It is a beautiful valley in Tuscany that features rolling hills, fields, vineyards, olive groves, those great cypress trees and Medieval castles.  In certain spots you have magnificent “big” 360 degree views of the countryside that never fail to impress. It is no wonder that UNESCO included this area on the World Heritage List in 2004. 

The first time I visited here in 2010, I was awestruck at the natural beauty of the place. It has inspired numerous artists from the Renaissance to the present day and there are photo opportunities everywhere. What makes it even more fun to photograph, is that the colors change every season and the weather and light have a dramatic effect on the look of the surroundings. 

On the morning that I took this image, a light fog filled the low parts of the valley (which happens often here), creating this dreamy scene with the picturesque hilltop farmhouses.