Sails & Anchor - Potsdamer Platz

A couple of years ago I visited Berlin and was impressed by the amount of interesting architecture throughout the city. The modern buildings built since the fall of the Berlin wall combined with the historical gates & cathedrals provide ample opportunities for architectural photography. This image features the ceiling structure of the Sony Center in Potsdamer Platz. Its constructed of glass, steel & textile sails and has become an internationally famous landmark of Berlin. 

The history of Potsdamer Platz is way too long to go into here, but perhaps most notable in its history is the fact that it was split in two by the Berlin Wall and was basically a “no man’s land” while Germany was divided. After the initial opening of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, it was one of the earliest border crossings between East and West Berlin. Since the reunification, the area has been the site of a massive renovation with numerous modern buildings like the Sony Center being constructed to revitalize the area.

There is a lot more history surrounding Potsdamer Platz going back to the early days of Berlin, so, if you are curious, I suggest you check out this great Wikipedia article to learn more. It has a lot of good information.

Composing an image here was more challenging than I anticipated. It is not as big as it appears in this photo and what you don’t see here are all of the tables, chairs & kiosks of the restaurants and vendors that reside here…along with the crowds of people filtering in and out of the building. Thanks to a wide angle lens and a fairly quiet corner spot, I was able to get a composition that highlighted only the textures and shapes of the roof without all of the activity taking place around me.