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A few weeks ago I applied for permission to photograph the Stuttgart Library. It is a beautiful, modern structure that I have been wanting to photograph for some time. As a result, I was excited when they granted me permission to photograph the library for 2 hours. They also granted me permission to use a tripod, which is normally prohibited. This proved essential, as the structure is filled with right angles and lines that would be very difficult to capture hand-held without distortion.

I waited outside the library, so that I could be one of the first people to enter once it opened. After showing the security guards my permission slip, I made my way up into the main atrium and got busy taking numerous compositions. Since I was one of the only people inside, I was able to photograph for about 30 minutes before other people started entering the atrium. I had scouted the library the previous day, when the library was full of people. Seeing it empty was completely different. I did like the person in this composition though…:)

I have several images from this day that I will share in the coming weeks. If you ever get a chance to visit Stuttgart, I highly recommend you spend some time here.