Visiting Zermatt and seeing the Matterhorn have been on my wish list since we moved to Switzerland. A couple of weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to go and spend a few days. My main goal was to photograph the Matterhorn, so I did not spend much time in town. Instead, I took a couple of lifts and hiked a short distance to stay in a mountain lodge near lake Stellisee. During the day, I walked several of the trails around the area, but in the morning & night I spent most of my time here at Stellisee, gazing at the iconic mountain.

The sunsets were disappointing, but the sunrise on my first morning was amazing. With clear skies all around, the sun lit up the peak of the Matterhorn like a candle as it rose behind me. There were 3 other people that set an early alarm and walked to the lake for sunrise. We all watched with smiles on our faces as the peak started to glow bigger & brighter. With fairly calm winds, we were also fortunate to have a great reflection of the scene aboveā€¦an incredible start to the day. :)