Holy Water

This is Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona…one of of the many photogenic rock formations that populate the desert landscape here. Due to the numerous trails that go up and around Cathedral Rock, you can appreciate it from almost every angle. The most popular trail is on the East side of the formation, as it allows you to hike up and look through the middle gap. 

I found this spot while exploring less frequented trails on the Western side, looking for a place to photograph sunset. If you are not familiar with Sedona, you may be surprised to learn that the best sunset views are actually facing East, not West! The rocks have a tendency to glow red and orange from the soft light just before the sun disappears.

I was surprised to find this pool of water on an area of exposed rock. It hadn’t rained in over a week, but somehow, perhaps from a natural spring, a shallow pool existed in this arid climate. It provided a great reflection of the peaks as the sun went down behind me.