In the Belly of a Snake

This is another modern metro station that I found interesting (maybe even a bit dizzying) in Budapest. The combination of colors, swirls and curves kept my eyes going around in circles as I walked from the escalators over to this spot at the far end of the platform. I sat here on a bench for several minutes appreciating the detail of the ceiling tiles. I suspect the workers who had to place all of these tiles in this specific pattern were very patient peopleā€¦and probably very good at jigsaw puzzles. 

Fortunately, the metro was not very busy at this time of night, so I did not have to wait long for the station to clear out. Since the security guards will not let you set up a tripod, I was forced to take this hand-held. I have to admit, it took me several attempts to align the camera to get the symmetry as perfect as possible. Looking through the viewfinder, the swirls kept playing tricks with my perception. Persistence eventually paid off though and I was happy to capture this image with the Tripod Police hidden behind one of the far columns.