One of the things I find myself doing a lot in NYC is looking up. It is hard for me to keep my eyes straight ahead, being surrounded by so many towering structures...I suppose this may be true for most people (at least for those who do not live there).

While I am always impressed at the engineering necessary to erect these buildings, I find it difficult to photograph them in interesting ways. Your perspective and composition at street level is rather limited. 

However, while walking through this semi-circular courtyard I loved the way this group of buildings complimented each other. Facing this direction, the one across the street closes the open-end of the horseshoe, while the taller building behind ascends at a different angle into the sky. The opposing lines, angles and curves work so much better together than as individual parts. 

As a side note, the most difficult part of getting this image was avoiding the numerous Town Cars that were picking-up and dropping-off people inside this courtyard. I had to wait my turn until there was a pause in the car traffic coming through. I thank those drivers who waited (somewhat) patiently, while I clogged up traffic for a few brief moments to capture this.