One of the things I have noticed in Germany is the importance given to staircases in their architecture. Some staircases are proudly displayed in a grand atrium, while others, like this one here, are tucked away in the back of the building and only seen by those who work there. Regardless of their placement, the attention to detail given to the design of these staircases is impressive. 

I often find the staircases to be the most interesting architectural aspect and I regularly now search them out when visiting a building for the first time. I have photographed many of them and while sometimes they can look similar, they are all unique in some fashion…much like snowflakes, I suppose. 

I found this staircase while going to an appointment in an office building in Munich. I was running late, so I went first to the elevator. It was being serviced so I had to take the stairs…a fortunate detour.