Dreamland - Jökulsárlón

Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon is located on the southeast coast of Iceland. The scene in the lagoon changes everyday as icebergs calve from the nearby glacier and slowly float towards the river mouth, eventually making it out to sea. Some even get pushed back by the incoming tide onto a black sand/stone beach where they slowly melt (here is an image I captured from the beach).  

Shortly before I took this photograph, several layers of clouds were blanketing the sky and it was a dull gray light everywhere. It was about an hour before sunset and I was passing the time by watching several seals swim amongst the icebergs and hoping the weather would improve. 

Then, all of a sudden, some of the lower clouds parted and the sun was able to shine through enough to create this crazy, almost surreal, glow. Fortunately, I was ready and captured some images as quickly as I could. I wish I had more time with this epic light, but just a few minutes later, the clouds covered the sky again and all color was lost…but at least the moment was captured. :)