The Blue Underground

After a few outdoor images the past several weeks, I wanted to get back inside to another one of my favorite U-Bahn stations in Hamburg, Germany. It is Überseequartier, located in the HafenCity district.

It is relatively new, being completed in 2012, and sits near the end of the U4 there are (currently) relatively few people here at any one time. In fact, I was the only one here for about a 5 minute span. The walls and ceiling are covered in blue tiles that reflect the white lights placed in the walls. It is a very modern design with various lines, shapes and angles that I love in architectural photography. And, yes, it is that clean! 

If you make it here, I suggest you also visit the HafenCity Universität station one further stop down the line. It was featured in a post last month. In case you missed it, you can see that image here.